, Hurworth & Surrounding Areas

A life-changing experience

Passing your Practical Driving Test is life changing. Just imagine.. No more relying on friends (or parents!). No more public transport. Just you, your car, the open road - Freedom!

Learn at your own pace

Taking driving lessons with means learning at your own pace, giving you a better chance of passing first time. Covering , Hurworth and surrounding areas, we are DSA approved and have one of the best average first time pass rates around..

72% average first time pass rate!

Students taking their Driving Test prematurely is the main reason why the UK average first time pass rate is so low (just 45.65%!). Here at MLD, your will not book you for your test until you are ready for it. This is the secret of our success and the reason our average first time pass rate is so high (72%!).

5 Reasons to Learn with MLD

  • We have an excellent average first time pass rate of 72% (UK national avg. 45.65%)
  • We specialise in getting you through your test on your first attempt, saving you time, disappointment and, most importantly, money!
  • Overcoming nerves is our speciality. We have the experience and personal skills to make nervous drivers feel comfortable, calm and confident (see see testimonials).
  • All our driving lessons are conducted in a professional, patient and enjoyable way!
  • We wont push you into your Driving Test until you are absolutely ready for it, giving you every chance of passing first time!
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"Thank you so much for everything you have taught me, and getting me through my test first time. Our team spirit was brilliant and the lessons were really enjoyable and something to look forward to each week.."
Nichola Smith - Darlington

"Dear Mike, i proud with your driving instruct. You gave me excellent lessons, and additional support within short time with great result passing driving test this morning once again i would like to thank you v. Much. Regard"
Shanta Dev Rai - Northallerton

"Mike was a fantastic instructor. He was very calm and patient and I always felt I could ask any questions and was made to feel very confident and comfortable. He was always very supportive and extremely keen for me to do well, his instructions were very clear, which made me feel confident whilst driving. We always finished the lesson on a positive, and even if we were over the allocated lesson time he would carry on until I successfully completed the objective in hand."
Keith Pinkcombe - Darlington

"Hi mike thank you very much for all your support and getting me through my test with only two minor faults. I was recommended by one of my friend and I trusted him and I found exactly the same what he had described about you. You are great instructor, great teacher and good team mate. I enjoyed the every single time in the driving lesson. Thank you for making me confident and safe driver. I wish you a good luck."
Damaya Gurung - Northallerton

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