Lessons and Prices

Get two hours free!

Lessons and Prices

Get two hours free!

Normal hours of tuition

  • Monday to Friday: 08.00 - 17.00

Note: Driving lessons at other times can be made by special arrangement.


Lesson TypeHoursPrice Per HourTotal Price
Pay as you go 1 £31.00 £31.00
Block Booking 10 £30.00 £300.00
Block Booking 20 £29.00 £580.00
Pass Plus 6 £41.00 £246.00
Note: All fees must be paid at the start of each lesson.

What I Teach

  • New driver tuition
  • Re-introduction to driving
  • Full licence refresher course
  • Manoeuvre refresher lessons
  • Motorway
  • All weather driving
  • Night Driving
  • Pass Plus

How I Teach

I operate a structured, assessed, and professional learning system which is conducted in a light hearted and friendly manner. At the end of each driving lesson, I will discuss and assess the lesson and record all progress on a Tracking Log, a copy of which you can take home with you. You will also know exactly what the subject and objectives are for the next lesson.

I recommend that you book two hour driving lessons, as this enables a more productive and quality session and gives you better value for your money.

Pass Plus Scheme

If you decide to emabark on the Pass Plus Scheme, you will develop the attitudes and skills that are essential for "Safe Driving for Life". The Pass Plus Scheme will:

  • Reduce your insurance premiums*
  • Reduce your risk of being in a road traffic accident
  • Make you a more skillful driver
  • Help you gain quality driving experience safely
  • Teach you to develop a positive driving style that is both enjoyable and safe

Note: You can check available discounts with participating insurance companies – a full list can be found online at www.passplus.org.uk or phone 0115 936 6504

There is no test at the end; all you must do is complete six modules to complete the training. When you have completed the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Refresher Course

If you feel unsure of some aspect of your driving, whether it is motorway, maneuvers, general driving or nervousness in busy city or town centres, I can give you the confidence and skills to overcome and master these areas (see our testimonials).

Terms and Conditions

A copy of my Terms and Conditions will be given to you at the start of the first lesson.

Thank you so much for getting me through my driving test, always patient and will put you at ease, he's a fantastic option when looking for an instructor. All the best.

Jack Preston - Darlington