The Practical Driving Test

driver tuitionTo pass the driving test there must be no more than 15 minor faults or one serious or dangerous fault.

With road mortality at 10 people every day, my driving lessons are aimed at helping reduce that number by teaching a Safe Driving Skill for Life, rather than just rushing you through your practical driving test. The UK driving test is about making sure that people are competent, confident and safe in the basic skills of driving.

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Before you get into the car the examiner will ask you to read a number plate from a vehicle at a distance of 20.5 meters (if you are unable to do so satisfactorily your test will be terminated). You will then be asked two of the Show me Tell me questions. If you answer one or both questions incorrectly, you will get 1 minor fault (this does not mean you have failed the test).

The driving part of the test will last for about 35-40 minutes in different road situations, with some possibly at higher speeds of up to 70mph. You will also be asked to perform two of the reversing manoeuvres and possibly the Emergency Stop exercise

Your practical test will include approximately ten minutes of independent driving. You will be asked to follow directions based on a named route, this is designed to encourage and assess your ability to drive safely while making decisions independently. You will not automatically fail the test should you get lost. If you are at all unsure or you do not understand the instructions given by the examiner, ask for clarification.

At the start of the test you are asked if you wish your instructor to sit in the car during the test and/or allow them to listen to the result and feedback after the test.


If you pass and have a photo card licence issued after 1 March 2004, the examiner will ask if you want your full licence issued to you automatically. If you want to use this service, the examiner will take your old licence from you, scan the details and send them to DVLA. You will then be given a Pass Certificate. You should receive your new full licence by post within four weeks.

If you pass your test but do not want to use this automatic service, or do not have a licence issued before 1March 2004, you will be given a Pass Certificate by the examiner. On the back of the Pass Certificate, it tells you what you need to do next. This involves sending your licence and appropriate fee to DVLA who will then check your application and issue you with a new full licence.


If you fail the test, the examiner will give you some feedback to help prepare you for your next attempt. Your driving test report will show you where mistakes were made. You can take another practical test 10 working days after your test.

"First time pass - Great result, Great instructor, Great value for money, Great lessons. Thanks for everything Mike, everything worked out just as you said it would, it was so important for me to get my UK licence.I reccomend Mike to anyone wanting to start driving lessons. All the best for the future."
- Prashant Jog, Darlington